Home Rules

General Safety Guidelines

Dealing safety on Little Big Boss Marketplace

Here at Little Big Boss, we want to ensure that the environment is safe for Children when they used our platform. We encourage both children and parents / mentors to be extra vigilant when dealing with other users in the marketplace.

As an educational-focused marketplace, we actively educate our users to converse and transact within the Little Big Boss chat function. This is because the correspondences conducted within the platform can be monitored by parents /mentor

We have set in place email notifications sent to the registered email of the parents / mentors so that when there is a new activity such as new messages received and when the child is accessing to the platform, uploading a new product etc., the parents/mentors get notified and monitor to ensure that the activities are carried out safety and appropriately according to the user agreeme

If you encounter any inappropriate activities, or activities that violate our user guideline, report them to us. We will be thankful to have such a community who works actively with us ensure that Little Big Boss continues to be safe environment for every user. We will continue to work proactively with the authorities and communities to improve the safety of our marketplace for the children. Little Big Boss will continue to dedicate our resources into ensuring that the children can use our platform with a peace of mind.

Prohibited items and Inappropriate Content

As the platform is designed and cater primary for children to use and communicate, our regulations will be more stringent compared to the other open market platforms that the users are primarily adults. The list of prohibited items and content will include age suitability and appropriateness. In any case that you find that the item listed or content written by users are suitable for children consumption, please contact us immediately for us to follow up on the issue.

Meet up between Buyer and Seller

It is advisable for an adult (at least 18 years old) to accompany the child should the child need to meet up to complete the transaction. This is to ensure that legitimate and safe transaction is being conducted under the supervision of an adult.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do respect one and other.
  • Do treat your customers like how you will like to be treated.
  • Do honor the deal and build trust.
  • Do provide quality products and maintain hygiene.
  • Do innovate and create new products.
  • Do study your market and how to sell your products.
  • Do moderate your time in business.
  • Do study hard and learn more skillsets.
  • Don’t promote bullying.
  • Don’t cut an unfair deal.
  • Don’t cheat on a deal.
  • Don’t provide a review if you have not used the product.


We welcome any other feedback and suggestions to further enhance the safe environment for children to learn. For any further enquiries, you can contact us at [email protected]